Nova 535 

Nova 535 is such a beautiful venue to shoot fashion photography at here in St. Petersburg, FL. I can remember walking by it everyday when I first moved here and peaking through the gate to look at how beautiful the outside area was! As a photographer, I had been following them on Instagram and quickly they became my number one venue I wanted to shoot at! 

Meeting Abigail

At one of Inspire St. Pete's fashion show mixers, I had a vendor pop-up shop, which is where I met Abigail. We first connected because we are both graphic designers, and I was talking to her about how I just moved here but was looking for a graphic designer that I could outsource work too. But then when I found out she was also a model, our connection went even further!

After our first photoshoot (which she rocked of course - see photos below and here), she had mentioned that the Entrepreneur Social Club would be a great way for me to meet new people and that it was held at Nova 535. I said...NOVA 535?!! And that's how it happened.

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Entrepreneur social club

The Entrepreneur Social Club is one of the BEST networking club's I have ever been too.  

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Quick Facts about Nova 535

    • Nova 535 was rating the number one wedding venue in St. Pete in 2020.
    • Best Reviewed Event Space in St. Pete / Tampa
    • Other awards:
      • “Best Place for a Wedding“
      • “Best Swanky Events Space”
      • “Best Place to Get Married”
      • “Brides Choice Awards“
      • “St. Petersburg Beautification Award”
      • “Best Holiday Party Venue“
      • “Top 10 Best Restrooms in the U.S.A“
      • “Best Blank Canvas“
      • “America’s 65 Highest-Rated Wedding Venues“

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Don't forget to check out the photos from our photoshoot!
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